This is a follow up of my first story, which you can find here.

Let’s make this quick and easy; these are some other apps I used daily on my Mac. And I definitely didn’t get paid by any of them, I wish.

1 | Task tab

Quickly add a simple to do in your menu bar. I tend to write them down in my trusty Moleskines books, but TaskTab does the job for me digitally.

Task tab

2 | Apple logo screensaver

This absolute gem of a screensaver was created by Pedro Carrasco & others, and it’s awesome. …


Propose a redesign of the diary, taking into account;
(1) Day-driven and event-driven topics
(2) Different type of events
(3) Adding, reviewing and editing events

For the sake of clarity, I’ve written down some steps I tend to take when designing solutions or products. This, by no means is comprehensive or rigid. It is however, a way of showing my thinking patterns.

1 of 7 | Look at the AS IS

Let’s start this redesign by looking at what we’ve got. These screenshots are taken on iPhone 11.

You, the analyst and business person, would never call yourself a designer. But why aren’t you thinking like one?

Photo by Ruijia Wang on Unsplash

This article is mainly intended for functional and business analysts, or everyone who thinks design is only about fonts and gradients, and MacBooks.

I believe the typical designer mindset and their way of working, is immensely valuable today — and even more so in the future.

It’s a long read, so I’ve split it up in several chapters below:

1 — You don’t know what design is — 📍 You are here 2 — Let’s trigger your design brain 3 —…

Photo by rishi on Unsplash

Since watching Dammit Jeff’s video “The Last Upgradable Macbook Pro”, I was intrigued to do the same thing to my machine.

However, I believe Jeff’s audience could benefit from a simple, written instruction, because it didn’t go as smoothly for me.

This process should work from Macbooks from 2013–2015.

Let’s go.

1 — Watch Jeff’s video

Do it. You will get a feel of what you have to do and if you are comfortable doing it to your machine.

Jeff’s lovely video

2 — Get all the necessary tools

These are all the things you need:

  • Correct Macbook screw drivers (buy a set from iFixers or your local Apple repair shop, as…

At weird times like these, people are smashing it on Strava. Also, Strava recently changed their business model to free and premium, simplifying the offer for their athletes. An ideal time to do a quick redesign of the Strava (iOS) app.

What the heck is Strava?

On their website, it’s shown that Strava represents:

Strive (verb); to make great efforts to achieve or obtain. Strava is the Swedish word for Strive. That word fits great with the ambition of the company: to build the most engaged community of athletes in the world. It seems we learned three key values of the organisation; (1) Athletes, (2)…

A truly wireless experience, many years in the making.

Credit to Alison Benz

Let’s start with a funky statistic provided by MKBH: if AirPods Inc. were a company today, it would be included on the Fortune 500, somewhere between number 350 and 400 on the list. Let that sink in. An organisation that exists only by selling AirPods, would be amongst the wealthiest companies in the world.

How did Apple get here? How did it become the industry trendsetter in truly wireless, magical music? …

Be it productivity, mental health, technology or your work flow, these things could help you — they sure helped me.

1. Hide the battery percentage on your phone

This changed the way I look at my phone. Instead of constantly thinking about that 4% battery loss after my commute to work, I relax. I only recharge my phone when it’s at 20%, and that’s fine. You probably carry a charger / cable with you anyway, so why worry about the battery all the time?

Just try it. It’s a game changer.

Photo by UNIBOA on Unsplash

2. Write down daily to-do lists on paper

I only do this for work. I write everything I want my to do list as a…

Little tools, big productivity gains.

1 | PDF Toolbox

The little tool is something I bought about 6 years ago, and it still works. You can edit, cut and paste PDF files together. Super easy, and it really works.

PDF Toolbox

2 | The unarchiver

Extract and compress files, easily. Apparently, it’s the most downloaded utility app on Mac.

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash — This is what Mighty means to me. Free, on the road.

So, I like my phone. My iPhone is with me, usually throughout my entire day. Instagramming, Google Mapping, Wazing, checking emails, Strava, calculating 5+5, Spotify, Reddit,.. you know the drill. Running and cycling means carrying my phone with me. Until I found about Mighty.

Wait, what’s a Mighty?

Mighty is an offline Spotify music player.

  1. It syncs with your Spotify Premium account,
  2. you select your playlists,
  3. and you’re ready to go.

And Mighty is aimed to active people, willing to go out without your phone. That’s pretty cool: focus on your run, bike ride, snowboarding,.. without the distractions of your phone. Cool. 🤙


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