A quick redesign of Belgium’s most popular sports website

Seppe Wera
4 min readNov 14, 2022

With the Olympics, the WC football in Quatar, basketball, live games and of course the almighty Tour De France, sports websites are visited on a regular basis.

Belgium’s (Flanders’) well-known Sporza is one of them. Let’s make this site stand out even more by redesigning it.

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Sporza 🟢

The Bold and The Brand

In Belgium, Sporza takes the cake. It’s been operating as a public broadcast since 2004 and established itself as the go-to (online) sports news brand in Flanders. Fresh news articles appear during the day, coupled with live streams, scores and long reads.

The brand Sporza is bold, and (obviously) green. The main features are showing the link to sports (bright green) and an active image. The bold choices are in the visual design: no capital letters, big themed content blocks and straight edges.

However, the use of rounded corners and squares are mixed together. Also, a strange use of white space and overall hierarchy is present. This can be improved to offer a more sporty and even exciting look. If you look at the screenshot below, many alignment issues show up too.

The overall design screams too much for your attention, without properly structuring the website and information. Furthermore, the chosen background images are often too distracting.

Sporza’s section about Tour De France ’22.

The Benchmark

What are some other sites doing in this area? We looked at some other famous and renown sports websites, such as The Athletic, Sky Sports, NBA and Bleacher Report.

The overall trend? Less clutter and more hierarchy. The different section are more clearly defined and consistency remains key.

Seppe Wera